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We are sorry to inform you that we do not have any offers in your area. Please visit our affiliate Verde Energy, LLC, a licensed retail Electric and Natural Gas Provider who can offer plans to best suit your need - Learn More about Verde's Rebate Program. If you have any questions please call us at 1-800-324-3046

About Us

A full-service Retail Electricity Provider since 2008.

We are an electricity company committed to delivering premium value for you and your home’s electricity needs. In addition to supplying electricity and natural gas to residential and business customers, we aim to be a low-cost/high-value provider bringing energy cost savings to our customers in every market we serve.


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Why choose Oasis Energy?

Low Rates
Price Stability
Clean Energy

Real Customer Review

"Wow, I am utterly delighted with the timeliness of your response (I recognized when I left my original message that you were not open on weekends); I am also floored, frankly, by the graciousness with which you have handled this matter. All too often, these kinds of issues cause undue stress and I ...
Gabrielle in NYC
"We can’t believe we didn’t switch to Oasis Energy sooner. The money we are saving over BGE's rates means a lot right now in today’s economy."
Ethan in Baltimore, Maryland
"I didn’t understand my bill and your customer service team did a great job of explaining it to me. Now it all makes sense and I am a happy customer."
Grace in Pittsburgh, PA (Switched from Duquesne Light)

Switching Is Easy

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