Energy Savings Tip #4 – How to stop your fireplace from leaking energy

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It's winter time and many of us are curling up by a warm fire to read a book or enjoy some quality time with the family.  That's great!  BUT...After you're done, make sure you close the fireplace damper or your warm air will go right out the chimney. As most people in the Northeast know, heating a home can be an expense, so this mistake can be costly.   "The Good, The Bad, and the Pollution If you burn a fast hot fire, this creates very little smoke and pollution, and it can give you a noticeable amount of radiant heat gain in the room the fireplace it is in. However, this fire is also using huge amounts of your heated inside air for its combustion which exceeds your heat…
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Energy Savings Tip #3 – Use cold water for garbage disposal

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Save energy and money by using cold water in your garbage disposal.  In addition to saving energy, the cold water is also helping maintain your garbage disposal. It keeps the shredder assembly, bearings and the motor from overheating. Hot water can melt fat and grease and allow it to re-solidify as a blockage further down the drain.   Bonus tip: The farther away your water heater is from your sink, the longer it takes for hot water to arrive and the more energy is wasted. Using cold water in the disposal will save you money both in your water bill and electric/gas bill. Bonus tip: Make sure to keep the disposal and the cold water running for around 30-60 seconds after the food/garbage has gone down the drain. The waste material…
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Energy Savings Tip #2 – Set your refrigerator & freezer at the proper temperature.

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Setting your refrigerator & freezer too cold can cost you money. Set them too warm and your food spoils. It's a balancing act. The temperature control switch can be located in several places, it is typically found in upper back part of the refrigerator and freezer. On many newer appliances it is controlled digitally on the front panel. You can buy an inexpensive thermometer to verify the temperature is correct. Bonus tip: Want to get your beverage cold quickly? The refrigerator or freezer is not the quickest way to do it. Here is how long it takes to bring a beverage from room temperature to about 35 degrees. Ice + water + salt in a cooler: 5 minutes Ice + water in a cooler: 15 minutes Freezer: 25 minutes Ice in…
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