Oasis Energy’s Earth Day promotion – Instant savings

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Oasis Energy is offering an Earth Day promotion. The Earth deserves more than a single day, so we'll be offering a promotion all week long, from 4/22/13 through 4/28/13 and we will be offering low everyday prices on our new 100% renewable electricity plans all year long. The discount of 0.2 cents per kWh, works out to a $50 annual savings for people who average 1000 kWh per month. How to get the discount: 1. Go to the Oasis Energy Website (oasisenergy.com). 2. Type in your zip code to make sure we offer service in your area. 3. Select the type of service you would like "Residential" or "Commercial" 4. Choose your plan. It's that easy. At Oasis Energy we're always glad we can do our part to help the…
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Oasis Energy – Our affordable, 100% renewable electricity plans are here!

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Oasis Energy now has one of the most price competitive, 100% renewable energy products available. View our new environmentally friendly plans for your area. Watch the video: Oasis Energy's green energy. Comments from Oasis Energy staff: Justin Snyder the National Brand Manager for Oasis Energy commented, “Our goal was to give consumers the option to buy 100% renewable power without breaking the bank. Most people want to help the environment, but they’re often faced with the reality of staying within a budget. We hope our new low cost, eco-friendly electricity products will make it easier for people to choose green energy to power their homes and businesses." Michael Osowski, President of Oasis Energy stated, “We’re very proud of our new green energy plans. Our low fixed rates make renewable energy a viable…
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Energy Savings Tip #3 – Use cold water for garbage disposal

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Save energy and money by using cold water in your garbage disposal.  In addition to saving energy, the cold water is also helping maintain your garbage disposal. It keeps the shredder assembly, bearings and the motor from overheating. Hot water can melt fat and grease and allow it to re-solidify as a blockage further down the drain.   Bonus tip: The farther away your water heater is from your sink, the longer it takes for hot water to arrive and the more energy is wasted. Using cold water in the disposal will save you money both in your water bill and electric/gas bill. Bonus tip: Make sure to keep the disposal and the cold water running for around 30-60 seconds after the food/garbage has gone down the drain. The waste material…
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