How Renewable Electricity Plans Work.

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"If my utility is still providing my physical electricity regardless of which electricity supplier I choose, how do I get 100% renewable electricity?" This is a simple question Oasis Energy gets asked quite often. The answer isn't simple, but we've done our best to explain it below. (Keep in mind the process is a little more complicated than we're explaining below. We've simplified it, so the average consumer can conceptually understand the process.) There are two parts to your electricity service:  1. Physical path – this is the source and flow of the actual electrons. Unless you physically hook up a windmill or solar panels to your house, you are getting your power from "the grid". Electricity follows the path of least resistance, so your electricity is most likely coming from…
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What is the annual value of ONE CENT on your electricity rate?

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Many consumers often pay one cent, two cents, even three cents more than competitive market prices for electricity rates. But how much money does a single cent more on your electricity rate add up to over the course of a year? You'll find those pennies really add up fast... Oasis Energy offers highly competitive rates for the major areas in Maryland, New York, Pennsylvania, and Illinois.  Grab your current electricity bill and compare your current rates to Oasis Energy's rates.
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