Energy Savings Tip #9 – Five ways to save money when heating your swimming pool.

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We at Oasis Energy believe that swimming pools are meant to be enjoyed, but we know few people who enjoy swimming in cold water.  A pool heater allows you to extend your swim season and swim in comfort just about any day of the year, regardless which season it is. Many people fear using the pool heater because they associate it with expensive bills. In today’s world it doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg to heat your pool.   Here are some tips to reduce your pool heating costs. 1. Use a pool cover. This is the single most effective way to prevent heat loss from your pool. The pool cover slows the rate in which the air cools the water. The means your heater doesn’t…
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Harlem Shake (Office Space Edition) – Oasis Energy

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Harlem Shake? What's that? This is just a regular Wednesday at the Oasis Energy Office. ;) We realize we aren't the first to do the "Harlem Shake" but this looked like too much fun for us to pass up on. We had a blast making the video and it was a perfect fit with our company's "work hard, play hard" culture. Enjoy the video. After we finish a long day of getting our customers the best possible rates on Electricity and Natural Gas supply, we like to cut loose. If you're in Pennsylvania, New York, Maryland or Illinois and you'd like to join the Oasis Energy party click here to see if we provide natural gas or electricity service in your zip code.
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