How Renewable Electricity Plans Work.

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"If my utility is still providing my physical electricity regardless of which electricity supplier I choose, how do I get 100% renewable electricity?" This is a simple question Oasis Energy gets asked quite often. The answer isn't simple, but we've done our best to explain it below. (Keep in mind the process is a little more complicated than we're explaining below. We've simplified it, so the average consumer can conceptually understand the process.) There are two parts to your electricity service:  1. Physical path – this is the source and flow of the actual electrons. Unless you physically hook up a windmill or solar panels to your house, you are getting your power from "the grid". Electricity follows the path of least resistance, so your electricity is most likely coming from…
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Oasis Energy sales reps bring affordable renewable energy to your door.

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Have you seen one of Oasis Energy's field sales reps yet? If you live in the Baltimore area you might see one soon. Our salespeople are going door-to-door to spread the word about our new affordable 100% renewable electricity plans. Green energy from wind, solar, hydro and biomass! We will also have traditional electricity and natural gas plans available. Clean electricity plans have been around for several years, but now Oasis Energy is breaking the mold and offering affordable plans. Depending on your electricity usage, our green energy plans cost around the same price or just a few dollars more a month than BGE's traditional fossil fuel-based electricity plans. We understand many people are cautious when it comes to solicitors, so we've released the following information to make it easier…
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