Energy Savings Tip #9 – Five ways to save money when heating your swimming pool.

We at Oasis Energy believe that swimming pools are meant to be enjoyed, but we know few people who enjoy swimming in cold water.  A pool heater allows you to extend your swim season and swim in comfort just about any day of the year, regardless which season it is.

Many people fear using the pool heater because they associate it with expensive bills. In today’s world it doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg to heat your pool.



Here are some tips to reduce your pool heating costs.

1. Use a pool cover.

This is the single most effective way to prevent heat loss from your pool. The pool cover slows the rate in which the air cools the water. The means your heater doesn’t have to work as hard to maintain a comfortable water temperature.

Bonus tip: Take it a step further and get a solar pool cover that actually heats the pool.


2. Protect against wind.

Just like blowing on a bowl of hot soup to cool it down, the wind cools down your pool as it crosses the water’s surface. Wind above 3-5 miles an hour can substantially lower the temperature of your pool. Strategic placement of fences, walls, hedges, and other vegetation should be considered to reduce impact of wind.


3. Somedays it just isn’t worth it.

When the forecast calls for low temperature and high winds, heating the pool might be too cost prohibitive.

Bonus tip: Cold days are a great time to heat the hot tub. The smaller the volume of water, the less expensive it is to heat.


4.  Come up with a heating strategy based on your intended use.

Are you just heating the pool for a spring or early fall pool party?

Heat the pool a day in advance and shut it off as soon as the party is over.


Do you want to extend your swim season and use your pool regularly during the late spring and early fall?

Heat the pool to your minimal comfortable temperature during the weekend and drop it down 10 degrees during the week.


Just want the pool to be a little more comfortable in the summer?

Keep your thermostat at the lowest comfortable temperature. You heater will only come on when the water temperature drops below your minimum temperature.


5. Lower the rate you pay for your energy.

Make sure you’re not paying too high of a rate for your gas and electricity. This is the easiest change you can make, it costs you nothing…well actually less than nothing, it might mean money straight into your pocket. Grab your current gas and electric bills and follow this link to check to see if Oasis Energy has a lower rate on your gas and electricity.


Heat it up and have fun.