Who is Oasis Energy?
Oasis Energy is an electricity and natural gas retail supplier serving most major utility markets in New York, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Massachusetts, and New Jersey. We are licensed to provide retail electricity and natural gas to residential, small business and commercial consumers. In additional to providing low cost traditional electricity and natural gas service, Oasis Energy’s has rapidly become a leader in affordable 100% renewable, green energy. Oasis Energy was founded in 2008, and has serviced hundreds of thousands of customer over the years from our headquarters in Houston, Texas.

I am concerned about giving you my personal information online.
Oasis Energy’s website is 100% secure and your privacy is of the utmost importance to us. The process is simple and we urge you to enroll online today!

Can I enroll via phone?
Yes, our staff looks forward to speaking with you! Call us toll free at 1-800-324-3046.

Are you affiliated with my utility?
Oasis Energy is NOT affiliated with your utility but is an authorized energy supplier that is licensed in New York (Con Edison, National Grid, Keyspan), Maryland (BG&E, PEPCO), Pennsylvania (PPL, PECO, Duquesne Light, West Penn Power), Massachusetts (National Grid, NSTAR), New Jersey (PSEG), and Illinois (ComEd) to participate in their energy choice programs.

Is Oasis Energy in competition with my utility? Will my utility still provide me with good service?
As a supplier, we’re not a competitor. You will remain with your utility and receive the same level of service you always have. Your utility will continue to read your meter, deliver your electricity, provide emergency service and send you your bill every month just like they always have. The only thing that changes is your supplier.

Do you have to check my credit?
Depending on your service location and product selection, a credit check may or may not be necessary.

Will it cost me anything to sign up?
No. You will be switched at the time of your next meter read so there will be no associated enrollment fees when you choose Oasis Energy.

Should I call to cancel service with my current supplier?
It is not necessary to notify anyone of the switch. Once you enroll, sit back and relax. Oasis Energy will do the work for you.

When will I become an Oasis Energy customer?
If the enrollment is a switch from another energy supplier, depending on when you enroll, the change will most likely occur on the date of your next scheduled meter read or subsequent meter read. Soon after enrollment, you will receive a welcome package in the mail confirming this estimated date, along with a copy of our Terms Of Service. The same process applies to a move-in (connecting power for the first time).

When will I receive my first utility bill showing Oasis Energy as my new supplier?
If the enrollment is a switch from another supplier, Oasis Energy will most likely show on your next utility bill following your customer effective date. The same process applies to a move-in (connecting power for the first time).

What charges will I see on my bill from Oasis Energy?
Along with your energy usage charge and any relevant taxes, a small customer fee may be charged (where applicable).

Will I lose power while you are switching me?
No. If the location currently has power, there will be no interruption of service during the switch process.

Understanding supply and delivery charges on your utility bill (Am I being double billed?)
Short video explaining the charges found on a typical utility bill -Watch a short video on supply and delivery charges.

What happens at the end of the agreement?
Upon completion of the term, your account will automatically renew on a month-to-month basis. You may call Oasis Energy at contract end to negotiate a new agreement if you wish. Your Terms Of Service will explain the process.

What if I move?
Customers may be able to move their contracts with them when they relocate within the service territory.

Will I be tied to any kind of contract?
Like many other service providers, to guarantee our supply services, the Terms Of Service you agree to when you enroll will be in force for a specific period of time. It is for your protection as well.

Will my budget billing continue?(In some markets this is referred to as “level billing” or “Equal Payment Plan”)
Oasis Energy does not offer budget billing on the supply portion of your bill. Budget billing will continue only on the delivery portion of bill if you are currently being invoiced via consolidated billing (all accounts on one bill).

What is Renewable Energy?
Energy sources that are either inexhaustible (solar, wind, geothermal) or replenished over a short period of time (hydro, biomass) are considered renewable. Coal and Natural gas are examples of energy sources that are not renewable because they are consumed at substantially faster rates than they can be replenished.

Where does my renewable electricity come from?
It comes from renewable sources such as wind, solar, hydro and biomass energy facilities located right here in the U.S.

What is Wind Energy?
Wind energy is generated by giant blades connected to turbines (giant windmills) that turn from blowing wind.

What are Carbon Offsets?
Buying carbon offsets contributes to the overall reduction of carbon dioxide ( CO2) emissions. Individuals and businesses can purchase carbon offsets in an effort to reduce their ‘carbon footprint’ down to zero.

Where can I find PPL or PECO variable price history?
You can find our variable price history by visiting Electric Variable Price History

Where can I find ComEd variable price history?
You can find our variable price history by visiting Variable Price History

Where can I find PA Natural Gas variable price history?
You can find our variable price history by visiting Gas Variable Price History