How to program your thermostat and get huge energy savings. (VIDEO)

According to the Department of Energy roughly half of an average home’s energy is consumed heating and cooling the home. This is a huge opportunity for energy savings.

How to reduce your AC bill:
1. Get a programmable thermostat. (They range in price from $25 to $350+)
2. USE IT!!! (Many people have programmable thermostats and have not programmed them.)

Check out our video on how to program a thermostat:

The savings are too significant, and it’s too easy, not to use a programmable thermostat. In virtually every scenario a consumer will get a positive ROI (Return on Investment), purchasing and using a basic programable thermostat.

Tip: If you aren’t willing to program your own thermostat, spend the money on a learning thermostat like the “Nest“. It’s more expensive than a basic programmable thermostat but you will see a return on your investment over time.

Another great way to reduce your energy bill is to reduce the rate you are paying for electricity and natural gas. Oasis Energy offers lower rates on electricity and gas in New York, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Illinois. Check rates and availability.