Energy Savings Tip #8 – Is your water heater too hot? How much is it costing you?

Oasis Energy wants you to know that having your water heater temperature too high can lead to:

1. Higher electricity or gas bills than expected. The water heater typically accounts for almost 20% of your utility bill.
2. Increased risk of scalding. Be extra cautious if you have young children in the house.


Many people don’t realize their water heater is set too high. The manufactures of water heaters typically set the water heater to a high temperature by default. Their primary goal isn’t energy efficiency, but rather to let you know that your new water heater is working properly and is generating very hot water.

In the winter as the water travels down the pipes heat is lost. As the weather warms up less  heat is lost and the need for very hot water declines. Take this chance to turn down your water heater to about 120 degrees (Warm setting). This will typically give you a comfortable amount of hot water. If this isn’t hot enough for you, slowly increase the temperature until you find the spot that works best for you.

Bonus Tip: Turn your shower or sink on to the hottest setting. If the water is too hot to touch and approaching scalding you should consider turning down your water heater. Most people don’t need their water that hot, and it requires extra electricity/gas to keep it at such a high temperature.

Additional Energy Savings: You can save even more money by lowering your electricity or natural gas rate. Check your zip code to see how much you can save by switching your electricity service(or gas) to Oasis Energy.

Fun Fact: Did you know that the first automatic gas water heater was invented in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania? It was invented by mechanical engineer Edwin Ruud in 1889. Edwin Ruud

To this very day, The Ruud Manufacturing Company is still in business and is still selling water heaters.