Oasis Energy – Our affordable, 100% renewable electricity plans are here!

Oasis Energy now has one of the most price competitive, 100% renewable energy products available. View our new environmentally friendly plans for your area.

Watch the video: Oasis Energy’s green energy.

Comments from Oasis Energy staff:

Justin Snyder the National Brand Manager for Oasis Energy commented, “Our goal was to give consumers the option to buy 100% renewable power without breaking the bank. Most people want to help the environment, but they’re often faced with the reality of staying within a budget. We hope our new low cost, eco-friendly electricity products will make it easier for people to choose green energy to power their homes and businesses.”

Michael Osowski, President of Oasis Energy stated,
“We’re very proud of our new green energy plans. Our low fixed rates make renewable energy a viable option for people who previously couldn’t afford it. It’s exciting.”

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Try our new eco-friendly plans. Simply, visit Oasis Energy’s website and type in your zip code.