Photographing Power Lines

As someone who’s been a serious photographer for several years, I’ve always thought of power lines as a burden. Of course I knew they were functionally necessary to deliver us electricity, but from an aesthetics point of view, I didn’t find them very attractive.  I felt they distracted from the subject of my photos. In fact, I spent hours removing them from my pictures using Photoshop.

This weekend I decided to try something new. Instead of avoiding power lines in my photos, I made it my goal to get a really good photo with the power lines being the main subject.

Here’s my final result. (Click on the image to enlarge.)

OasisEnergy-power-linesWhat do you think?

Tips for photographing power lines…

  • Timing – Go at an interesting time of day. I chose sunrise to give the photo a colorful and interesting sky.
  • Composition – Transmission towers, have some interesting shapes.  Get creative with the geometrical shapes and natural symmetry they offer.
  • Perspective – I used the seemingly endless row of power lines to create a vanishing point perspective.
  • Safety first- Don’t climb the towers or poles.  You could fall or get electrocuted.

Here are some more power line photos to use as inspiration.

Share with us any great photos you’ve taken of power lines.

Justin Snyder
Oasis Energy