Energy Savings Tip #6 – Save electricity with motion sensor lights

Motion sensor lights are a great way to light up your outdoor areas and lower your electricity bill. They only turn on when a person or animal is within close proximity, and they offer security, convenience, and efficiency. These light fixtures are inexpensive to purchase, easy to install and don’t consume very much power.

Most motion sensor lights have switches to control both the sensitivity of the motion detector and the amount of time the lights stay on. This is a great solution if you, or a family member, typically arrive home after dark. You can set the lights to turn on for only a few minutes. This gives you time to unload your vehicle and get safely inside your home.

Motion sensor activated lights are also a practical way to light up dark areas of your property that you seldom go into, such as behind the garage or the side of the house. They can also alert you to the presence of a visitor or animal and can scare away potential intruders.

Bonus Tip: Make your motion sensor lights super energy efficient by installing LED lights instead of the halogen bulbs (shown in the photo above). The LED lights will use only a fraction of the electricity that the halogens use.

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