Save on electricity and gas service with Oasis Energy’s Back-to-School promo code

School will be back in session shortly and now is a great time to teach your kids how to be both financially and environmentally responsible.

Switch to one of Oasis Energy’s traditional or 100% renewable energy plans and save.

Use promo code “SCHOOL13” when signing up with Oasis Energy and the $5.95 monthly base fee will be waived.


Coupon code “SCHOOL13” will waive the base fee for as long as you’re an Oasis Energy customer. This is an annual savings of $71.40, and a savings of $142.80 during the term of a 24 month plan.

Oasis Energy’s discount code applies to:
All Electricity plans in New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland & Illinois.
All Natural Gas plans in New York & Maryland.

This promo code is only available for a limited time. Expires on 8/18/2013.

Check rates and availability.