How to avoid shockingly high gas bills.

Energy Savings Tips, Tips & Tricks
Have you ever opened your gas bill and had sticker shock? Yeah, that's no fun. Oasis Energy wants to help you avoid that feeling as much as possible, here's how... The Problem: When the temperatures drop to very cold levels, this has a huge effect on your gas bill. Because of the extreme cold, you and everyone else suddenly uses significantly more natural gas to heat their homes and businesses. As everyone in the region demands more energy to heat their homes and businesses, the market demand for natural gas increases, and the market price rises. If you're on a variable rate for your gas service, this increase can be substantial. (The image below shows how the spot price for natural gas rose from FIVE to TEN TIMES it's standard…
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How to program your thermostat and get huge energy savings. (VIDEO)

Energy Savings Tips, Tips & Tricks, video
According to the Department of Energy roughly half of an average home's energy is consumed heating and cooling the home. This is a huge opportunity for energy savings. How to reduce your AC bill: 1. Get a programmable thermostat. (They range in price from $25 to $350+) 2. USE IT!!! (Many people have programmable thermostats and have not programmed them.) Check out our video on how to program a thermostat: The savings are too significant, and it's too easy, not to use a programmable thermostat. In virtually every scenario a consumer will get a positive ROI (Return on Investment), purchasing and using a basic programable thermostat. Tip: If you aren't willing to program your own thermostat, spend the money on a learning thermostat like the "Nest". It's more expensive…
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Energy Savings Tip #8 – Is your water heater too hot? How much is it costing you?

Energy Savings Tips, Fun Facts
Oasis Energy wants you to know that having your water heater temperature too high can lead to: 1. Higher electricity or gas bills than expected. The water heater typically accounts for almost 20% of your utility bill. 2. Increased risk of scalding. Be extra cautious if you have young children in the house. Many people don't realize their water heater is set too high. The manufactures of water heaters typically set the water heater to a high temperature by default. Their primary goal isn't energy efficiency, but rather to let you know that your new water heater is working properly and is generating very hot water. In the winter as the water travels down the pipes heat is lost. As the weather warms up less  heat is lost and the need…
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