How to avoid shockingly high gas bills.

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Have you ever opened your gas bill and had sticker shock? Yeah, that's no fun. Oasis Energy wants to help you avoid that feeling as much as possible, here's how... The Problem: When the temperatures drop to very cold levels, this has a huge effect on your gas bill. Because of the extreme cold, you and everyone else suddenly uses significantly more natural gas to heat their homes and businesses. As everyone in the region demands more energy to heat their homes and businesses, the market demand for natural gas increases, and the market price rises. If you're on a variable rate for your gas service, this increase can be substantial. (The image below shows how the spot price for natural gas rose from FIVE to TEN TIMES it's standard…
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Gobble Up Energy Savings With Oasis Energy’s Thanksgiving Coupon.

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Switch now and save big. Oasis Energy's Thanksgiving coupon code removes the $5.95 monthly base fee from your bill for LIFE! That's over a $70/year savings, this year, next year...every year. Combine this coupon with Oasis' already low rates and the savings really start to add up. Hungry for savings? Gobble up this deal now. This coupon works on ALL of Oasis Energy's electricity and natural gas plans. Check rates and availability in your area. (If you're in Maryland, New York, Pennsylvania, or Illinois, chances are we've got you covered.) Coupon expires 12/05/2013
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Oasis Energy kicks off our new blog.

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Welcome to Oasis Energy's official blog. This is the first blog post of many. You can look forward to... Energy efficiency tips. Electricity and Natural Gas news. Promotions and Discounts. Oasis Energy's charity ventures. Commentary on the state of the industry. Educational and entertaining videos. Energy related photography. Employment opportunities. Tips and tricks to save money. ...and much more. Don't miss out. In the meantime... Follow us on Twitter Like us on Facebook Follow us on Google+ Subscribe on YouTube
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