How to avoid shockingly high gas bills.

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Have you ever opened your gas bill and had sticker shock? Yeah, that's no fun. Oasis Energy wants to help you avoid that feeling as much as possible, here's how... The Problem: When the temperatures drop to very cold levels, this has a huge effect on your gas bill. Because of the extreme cold, you and everyone else suddenly uses significantly more natural gas to heat their homes and businesses. As everyone in the region demands more energy to heat their homes and businesses, the market demand for natural gas increases, and the market price rises. If you're on a variable rate for your gas service, this increase can be substantial. (The image below shows how the spot price for natural gas rose from FIVE to TEN TIMES it's standard…
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Reduce your utility bills in 2014 with Oasis Energy’s New Years coupon

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Have you made your New Years resolutions yet? Get started...2014 will be upon us before you know it. If your resolution is to "save more money" or "get out of debt", Oasis Energy's New Year's coupon can help you reach your goal. Lock in a low fixed rate for your electricity and/or natural gas service and start saving. The New Years coupon removes the $5.95 monthly base fee. That's a $11.90 a month savings if you sign up for both electricity and gas service. If your resolution is to be more environmentally conscience we can help you there too. This coupon works for all of Oasis Energy's 100% renewable electricity plans. Is 2014 the year you switch to affordable green energy? Use promo code: "2014!" The coupon code expires 01/08/2014.  (So…
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Energy Savings Tip #4 – How to stop your fireplace from leaking energy

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It's winter time and many of us are curling up by a warm fire to read a book or enjoy some quality time with the family.  That's great!  BUT...After you're done, make sure you close the fireplace damper or your warm air will go right out the chimney. As most people in the Northeast know, heating a home can be expense, so this mistake can be costly. "The Good, The Bad, and the Pollution If you burn a fast hot fire, this creates very little smoke and pollution, and it can give you a noticeable amount of radiant heat gain in the room the fireplace it is in. However, this fire is also using huge amounts of your heated inside air for its combustion which exceeds your heat gain ratio.…
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