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At Oasis Energy your feedback matters! Give us a review! Customer reviews are a great way to let us know how we're doing. We use your customer feedback to identify problems and improve our service. It's a vital part of Oasis Energy's never-ending quest to be the best at what we do. We take criticism personally! Not in a bad way, but in a "we need to fix this immediately" kind of way. Please take a moment and let us know how we're doing: Give us a quick review or let us know if you have a complaint. (Oasis Energy's management team reviews all submissions!)
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Photographing Power Lines

Photography, Tips & Tricks
As someone who's been a serious photographer for several years, I've always thought of power lines as a burden. Of course I knew they were functionally necessary to deliver us electricity, but from an aesthetics point of view, I didn't find them very attractive.  I felt they distracted from the subject of my photos. In fact, I spent hours removing them from my pictures using Photoshop. This weekend I decided to try something new. Instead of avoiding power lines in my photos, I made it my goal to get a really good photo with the power lines being the main subject. Here's my final result. (Click on the image to enlarge.) What do you think? Tips for photographing power lines... Timing - Go at an interesting time of day. I chose sunrise to…
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Oasis Energy kicks off our new blog.

Oasis Energy News
Welcome to Oasis Energy's official blog. This is the first blog post of many. You can look forward to... Energy efficiency tips. Electricity and Natural Gas news. Promotions and Discounts. Oasis Energy's charity ventures. Commentary on the state of the industry. Educational and entertaining videos. Energy related photography. Employment opportunities. Tips and tricks to save money. ...and much more. Don't miss out. In the meantime... Follow us on Twitter Like us on Facebook Follow us on Google+ Subscribe on YouTube
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